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are ready to win across this country. ♪ host: the victories were split last night with mitt romney taking his home state, squeezing out a victory in ohio and winning in alaska in virginia. rick santorum wins and north dakota, oklahoma, and tennessee. all candidates vowed to fight on. political observers say none of them will lock up the nomination until possibly may. good morning. it is wednesday, march 7. we will go through the results this morning with all of you and get your thoughts. let's divide the lines by supporters. those in support for newt gingrich -- ron paul -- you can also send us your e- mails, or send us a tweet. you could post your comments on our facebook page. and newt gingrich was able to score a victory in georgia last night, his home state. the biggest delegate prize from super tuesday. the state doles out the delegates proportionately. his win in his home state is the first victory for him since south carolina in june you worry. the former speaker about to bite on lost tight with the southern strategy. >> i want you to know in the morning we're going on to alabama o
santorum campaigning in illinois. miss romney will be in the northern part of the state including rockford, alan lawyer with the delegates at stake on tuesday. the only scheduled on tuesday. if you go inside "the new york times" we want to bring in this photo. it is and generations as the republicans have seen a convention in which the nominee was not decided going in. gerald ford was the fitting -- sitting president. the appointed president did not have enough delegates before working out an agreement to get that nomination. we want to take you back to the for the convention in kansas city to give you one snapshot of what that was like in the summer of 1976. [video clip] >> i think he is the vice chairman of one of those delegations. >> something to do with a sign, i do not know. >> did he get a phone back? >> no. >> which phone? >> my white cord phone. that goes to the trailer. my other phone is damaged. host: 1 snapshot of what happened during the summer of 1976 -- all for getting the nomination on the first ballot. for some questions because of the surge by ronald reagan who got the no
% of the vote. 91,000 votes for rick santorum with 4200 precincts reporting in. 27% 4 mitt romney during new to gingrich getting 16% or just under 30,000 votes. ron paul getting 6% with just over 11,000 votes. some of the headlines -- victory was two to one over mitt romney. with nine wisconsin in early april, you are one of the real key states, this is from their paper. rick santorum is on the campaign trail with the etch a sketch. we have more coming up as he tries to drive focus on the primary in wisconsin which will be key in early april. let us get to your phone calls. ron from california -- who speaks to the republican party? good morning. go ahead. we will try one more time. are you there? caller: this is john. good morning. you know, one of the things that kind of bothers me is that we still have not resolved the issue in america with electronic voting machines and the proprietary source code. i am not sure if santorum won down there in louisiana based on any kind of voting on electronic voting machines. but, this issue has been going on for the last several years. the politicians ta
" is next. ♪a host: good morning. been saturday's caucuses, mitt romney winning. each one of five delegates. this is a preview to the voting in 10 states on tuesday. it is called "super tuesday. live coverage on the c-span networks this morning back. vladimir putin is expected to return to the presidency in russia. later, the former house speaker, newt the rich. we did -- newt gingrich. she outlined some of the reasons buried she said that the senate today is not what they envisioned. the number to call for our independent line is 202-628- 0205. the number to call for our republican line is 202-737-0002. the number to call for our democrat line is 202-737-0001. we will get your comments via facebook and printer -- twitter. let's take a quick look at some of the headlines in washington state. mitt romney winning big. he won nearly 30% of the vote. newt gingrich coming in fourth with just over 10%. meanwhile, the focus on super tuesday, the columbus dispatch on the trail. the atlanta journal constitution has "battled for the top spot." we will have more on all this coming up over the course o
. "washington journal" is next. >> we did it again. >> rick santorum edges out the new gingrich and mitt romney for two victories in alabama and mississippi last night. mitt romney scored a victory in hawaii. good morning on this wednesday, march 14, 2012. president obama official welcomes british prime minister david cameron to the white house this morning if with a 19-gun salutes and an arrival ceremony full of pomp and circumstance. they will hold a joint news conference at noon today followed by a state dinner tonight. we will have that 9:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span 3. we begin with last night's primary. rick santorum leading in two states. but what is next for newt gingrich? dial in on your respective phone lines. also, you can send us an e-mail or a tweet. or post your comments on facebook. let me show you the local papers this morning. santorum sweeps in alabama. and in mississippi, santorum by a hair. the washington times this morning has this to say about last night's primary -- so this morning we want to hear from you about last night's primaries, what you think should be newt ging
across the country to join our cause. ♪ >> and mitt romney won about 47% of the vote in illinois yesterday. we want to hear from you as we go to the newspapers about your candid it and why you are supporting him. romney supporters, the number for you to call is 202-737-0002 if you are a ron paul supporter, call 202-628-0184. he can also tell us why you are supporting which can it via electronic e-mail. or you can leave a comment on our twitter page. if you want to continue the conversation there, the here is the front page of "the chicago sun times" this morning. ," "romneygo tribune tighten script with easy illinois win." 46.7% while rick santorum took 35%. ron paul came in third with 9.3%. newt gingrich came in fourth with 8%. there were also some congressional races in illinois. jesse jackson had a primary challenge in the democratic primary for south chicago. jesse jackson jr. one. and duckworth will be on the democratic side to run against walsh. here is from politico this morning. romney campaign runs a debt- free. he raised $12 million last month, nearl
of the population this year? on thisdallas' take from tuesday, march 13. you can see mitt romney's support minus rick santorum's support. we talk about puerto rico and what happened there yesterday. mitt romney prevail easily. that's the headline in "the new york times" and says he was thrilled with that victory. the campaign pointed to puerto rico as the latest sign of strength over rick santorum. he soundly defeated mr santorum in the u.s. territory, which has 20 delegates let's hear what jeffrey on the line for independents has to say. go ahead. caller: i think the main contender with the republicans, the best person to support women is ron paul. he has the best record of any of them. that comes to his voting record and what he has done. some women are kind of sensitive on the abortion issue. i understand that. i think his stance is to leave it to the states. host: how do you think this will play out? a lot of the polls are matching up rick santorum versus mitt romney. ron paul orattackintaking newt gingrich into account. caller: i do not think it has to do with the polls. if you look at the
an advisor to the romney campaign, but also serves on secretary of state clinton's foreign policy advisory board. >> what i've been writing for years actually is that there's a lot of continuity in american foreign policy, more than we expect, a lot of consent, a lot of broad consensus. i think what you're seeing here is the kind of consensus that exists in the foreign policy community and probably there is a lot of overlap between the two parties. >> more with robert kagan on foreign policy and his latest, "the world america made," sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> "washington journal" continues. host: sudeep reddy joins us. there have been reports about ben bernanke's appearance on the hill, and it highlights the mood that he communicated to those he was testifying in front of. was there a difference in mood this time around as far as the economy is concerned? guest: it's interesting to look at his mood, because a lot of people are trying to gauge how chairman bernanke feels about the economy. what we saw this week is he's probably not as exuberant as a lot of people are
did with robert kagan did air last week. mitt romney and rick santorum. >[video clip] >> when was america last great? >> america still is great. >> it is important to keep america great. .> we're convinced the economy, the economic structure made the economy great. it had to be a system of government. host: the "q&a" program and that video. is america in the decline? there is a debate behind the republican search for a winning candidate. these debaters put it in the form of a polite academic question. is america in decline? it is restricted so far to the small, but influential magazines read by the class. when a new magazine called for a symposium, the editors were surprised that they tap into the polls. the headline asking, bluntly, is america over? in the words of suzanne fields. this question getting a lot of attention on a number of different fronts. robert kagan was featured last week on this network. his review this morning in "the washington post." joining me from washing, d.c. good morning. caller: i do not believe we are in decline. it is relative in the sense that ou
. now local papers all with basic thirty same story, host: here in the boston globe, romney lead big, but win is far off. that's their lead story. "los angeles times," already looked at. actually, this is the "los angeles times" for this morning. g.o.p. including fest could drag on until june. and the california primary, by the way, is in june. and wichita eagle. candidates shift focus from kansas. and kansas is the next state that will hold republican caucuses. from the sun herald in south mississippi, candidates in south mississippi to woo -- candidates here to woo mississippi voters. this is in hawaii. g.o.p. caucus voters matter for first time. and out of chicago, lead story, illinois has become a primary g.o.p. prize. a lot of similar stories playing there. we've got three guests coming up on the "washington journal." our last segment today, we're going to be looking at the issue of computer hacking and what the u.s. government is doing to prevent it. before that fred barnes of the weekly standard and fox news will be out here to talk with us and before that jackie speier will b
. on the campaign trail, mitt romney getting closer to the nomination. he secured the endorsement. we will talk about those later. mr. gingrich reorganized his campaign and made headlines over his comments about janitors and the work they do in washington, d.c. we are going to ask you which story you are following. help us out by not running through all of them. pick something that is of particular interest to you. give us a call or send us an e- mail. we will put all those addresses on the screen. let's take a quick look at how they are reporting on things. below that is a story from capitol hill -- highway funding outlook still cloudy. the stopgap measure that extends transportation funding for 90 days, averting an expiration of highway programs and setting up three more months of debate on the issue. below that, the ryan budget plan. we will look a little more at that. from the white house and the campaign for the presidency, all? campaign speech, romney tax returns. above that story, a story from mitt romney. that is our first 45 minutes. we'll show you more from each of these and take your
telephone pole. here is what it shows. romney leaves with 38%. santorum has 32%. the story says mitt romney has regained the lead, thanks to new support from conservatives. tot: let's take a listen comments that majority leader eric cantor made yesterday on "meet the press." [video clip] >> mitt romney has put forward a bold, pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future. a lot of the things he is talking about in his plan we're talking about in the house of representatives. that's why i look to super tuesday. i look to mitt romney winning all of virginia's delegates. i cast my vote already in virginia for mitt romney. i am here today to tell you that i am endorsing mitt romney in his candidacy for the president of the united states. host: that is majority leader cantor yesterday giving his endorsement of mitt romney. he is not the only one supporting the former massachusetts senator governor. tom coburn weighed in in an op- ed piece over the weekend. he says he thinks the person who can work on this problem is mitt romney. that is the endorsement the romney camp is happy to have. let's look a l
with your statement. caller: why did they not challenge mitt romney's health care law? i t was wrong for mr. roberts to put it on the calendar without any challenges. host: why do you think it would be a sideshow? caller: credible challenge to it. and i think it was wrong for mr. troobs even put it on the calendar without even telling anyone. host: does that matter to you in the long run? caller: yes. it does. we should know, because we all have something invested in this. host: and so let me go one step further. would you be willing as far as they are going to release audio and video later, will you be willing to sit down and listen to that as far as audio is concerned or would you still rather see it televised? caller: yes. it will still show the intent. anything is better than nothing. host: there's a related story taking a look at that. how robert's court could -- most of the time, the obama administration will try twins justices -- try to convince the justices require that almost every american person pay a health penalty. >> it goes on to the next page may be quote getible, just as ju
, only romney and paul are on the ballot in virginia. this is the their headline. and then in the "tulsa world this morning" courtesy of the museum, state finally gets its say in the g.o.p. fuss. that's what "the tulsa world" has to say. "the columbus dispatch" the ohio paper, super showdown is their headline. the race to be the republican parties presidential nominee gathers no men tumble. a lot of eyes will be on ohio and what happens in that state, as well as tennessee. and then, in oklahoma this morning, that paper, "the oklahoman" paper endorsed mitt romney. he is the best choice for g.o.p. victory in november. saying that he has the best chance against president obama. and then the "tennesseen" has this. makeup life for early turn out today. in their view it's been not such a super tuesday. fact is that too few of any party are exercising their right to have a say in how their local state and federal governments are run. so those are some of the local headlines for you this morning, giving you a taste of the race, a handicap of what needs to happen for these candidates on super tue
, mitt romney and others escorting voters. for "washington journal" this morning later on, we'll have senator james inhofe, the ranking member of the environment and public works committee and has a book. we'll be talking to him about that and related issues, and about politics, of course, in the senate. as we start this this morning, we've had continued requests for an open line. call the appropriate line below. our phone lines are open. and a good friday to you. we welcome your calls and other messages by email or tweet to hear what's on your mind in a very busy week in politics and congress. yesterday the senate had a very close vote on a measure that was proposed by roy bluvent having to do with the health care legislation and also contraception. politico on it's front page covers this, this way. host: likely election issue. senators narrowly rebuff president obama's new contraception mandate as both parties vowed to make it an issue in the november elections. let's hear roy blunt. >> this is the amendment that would allow religious belief or moral conviction to be an important fa
on of the campaigns yesterday. president obama and mitt romney made some -- receive some endorsements from some high- profile supporters. it a new record of the byline on the story. this is from portland, maine. this story begins with paul ryan -- that is today on the campaign trail in the "washington post." we are still talking about cameras in progress. give us a call. we will go to out on the republican line in georgia. -- we will go to al on the republican line in georgia. caller: you have to consider the source. in this state we were recently named by the center as dead last in ethics. and to prove that, thursday night, on a bill dealing with hunting and fishing licenses, there was an effort to gut the ethics regulations and laws we already have. host: do you think the senator is right in saying that the partisan divide has gotten worse over the years? caller: it has certainly gotten worse. i would think up the camera might even temper things somewhat. host: the cameras have kept it from getting too bad? caller: i think there is an argument to be made for that. host: why is that? caller: there
, the financial times has a piece that says the tea party patriarch gives romney support. the race move to louisiana, which folks there go to the polls on saturday. louisiana stays cool on romney -- "usa today" says the louisiana gop actually matters this time. let's hear from our next caller. it's from missouri, and independent caller. len. good morning, sir. caller: what i want to talk about is a lack of prayer in schools and the lack of the pledge of allegiance and the lack of the teacher being able to control the kids. host: how do you think that is feeding into a national security? caller: if you cannot control the kids, make them mind and learn, then they are not going to know what to do when they get older. i am 83 years old and i was in the second grade and there were seven boys that got whipped about every other day by art teachers. then we went home and got whipped by one of the parents. the parents all got together and decided that us seven the should stay in school until we learned to mind, in the second grade. so we spent the second year in the second grade and we were perf
that issue. for romney to get out and say i repeel it is fine, and i believe him. but it doesn't have the power politically to motivate people to vote or volunteer that someone who has been a permanent opponent does. you're effectively giving that issue up if you select romney as the nominee. we may be doing that. we may end up doing that. the economy offers plenty more to talk about and that's been his focus. but i do think this issue plays a big role in that and santorum right now is leveraging it best he can. >> do you agree with santorum? he accuses romney of supporting the federal mandate do you think romney supporting the federal mandate as santorum said? >> if what i read is correct, yes. it was the model for the national version. i don't think that's a secret to anybody. he, romney, correctly distinguishes between the constitutional aspect versus the federal level. but if what i've seen surface recently is accurate he supported it at the national level as well. and like newt gingrich, i have a problem with that. host: our first guest of the morning at the table here, david ign
to around it wrongly. that was overcome by news that the top aide to mitt romney likens his campaign to an etch a sketch. many people talking about that on the cable news network's and will probably continue to talk about it today. if a wall street journal, as you get rich bates, his super pak and eight runs and drive -- as newt gingrich fades, his super pak runs dry. they rely greatly on people who can get $500,000 or more. also related to the road to the white house, this is "the financial times" this morning -- to the supreme court oral argument. they will be taking a look at the health-care law. here is "usa today" -- the individual mandate will be the topic on tuesday before the court. we will be up there covering it all here on c-span. we will begin on monday, tuesday wednesday dedicating the program to the debates over the health- care law. we will have a constitutional scholars and reporters covering the as to give you the information of this case. by the way, if your interested, the wall street journal of opinion case today 00 -- if you are interested in reading that. greenv
republican candidates are focusing on next tuesday's's wisconsin primary. mitt romney receiving the endorsement of mark lobel biehl last night. former president george h. w. endorsingcially insourci romney. -- mitt romney receiving the endorsement of senator marco rubio. we want to focus on this historic week in washington. three days of oral arguments. asking the larger question, whether or not this was the intent of the founding fathers, the debate over health care, if the intersection between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. our phone lines are open, as always. join the conversation on our facebook page. you can also send us a tweet. let's look at some of the morning papers on this thursday. roll call has this headline, which was one of the reasons we wanted to focus on this intersection of the three branches. meanwhile, from two leading newspapers -- and, finally, inside the new york times -- so, this question, with the debate over health care, is it what the founding fathers had in mind? take you inside the supreme court with some of the argu
the primary is average, mitt romney leads with 39 percent, followed by rick santorum, followed by gingrich, then ron paul with 8%. c-span coverage of the illinois state primaries start the 7:00 tonight. go to our web site for details, the president will host the irish prime minister today for st. patrick's day lunch and a reception later this evening. the house republicans plan to release their vision of the 2013 budget. paul ryan, the budget committee chairman, has an op-ed in the washington journal this morning. when looking at the plan, consolidating tax rates, reduce corporate taxes, if it rejects the call to raise taxes and it does deal with medicare reform. in our first 45 minutes, we will go over some proposals made out in the budget and get your thoughts on what they do overall especially as they will have to be meted out with democrats. here's how you can participate this morn iing. [numbers on your screen] if you would like to send us an e-mail or reach out to us on twitter, or facebook, please do so. paul ryan is the chairman of the house budget committee. he lays ou
to secure the southern bloc. mitt romney professed his love for cheesy grits. newt and tv ads for rick santorum flooded living rooms from birmingham to biloxi. the three top republican presidential candidates stormed through alabama and mismiss the past four days. for decades, they were mostly after thoughts for dates, and candidates rarely made personal appearances. hopefuls are making the rounds. another story here, the g.o.p. is drug olding to find a fenn i am in voice. martha moore reports for "usa today" -- host: representative blackburn was on some talk shows yesterday speaking about the republican agenda and the election. here's a story in the national journal looking at the veep sweepstakes, veep-stakes, who could be a contender. bob mcdonald, who national journal says is getting some attention. we also see florida senator marco rubio, new jersey governor chris christie some, predictable names we've heard before. but it also goes on to mention washington state represent active kathy mcmorris rogers. they said originally they left her off our first list, but got a call from alli
would still be in iraq, the war would not be over. mitt romney still wants to be in iraq. newt gingrich and all the republicans still want to be there. congratulations to the president. host: thanks for your call. in other news, political news, fears the "washington times, bob kerrey, a vietnam veteran changed his mind and decides to run for senate. that's a "washington times this morning. here is from the cincinnati inquirer newspaper online. it's all about ohio and the battle starts today. this is about super tuesday if. that's next tuesday. in this article, -- next call comes from nebraska. justin is an iraq war veteran. caller: good morning. i served in baghdad and then sadr city in 2004 and cut 2005, right after the invasion there was no iraqi government, no army. everything was pretty hazy. that was at the height of the war and there were 160,000 troops there. i feel foolish in a way. i would do it over again. i'm proud to wear the uniform for my country. i did not figure we would spend a decade in that country and in afghanistan. i want to know what i did for my country when we w
. it was not hillary clinton nor mitt romney, john mccain or barack obama. blowing them all away sealing for himself the presidency of the united cyber states of commander in chief of the information wants to be free world was naturally congressman ron paul. ron paul president of the internet. hail to the online chief four more years. also regarding presidential politics and online activity we have this tweet from don richie who writes didn't the current occupant of the white house prove the power of online activism and organizing? back to the phones, bob in baker, louisiana, on the line for republicans. good morning, bob. caller: good morning. how are you this morning? host: your thoughts about the impact of online activism. caller: well, i was watching hannity last night on the hannity show. and it is a shame, in all of these supposed reporters need to pologize to the paoeeople in te united states for not vetting obama last time. but he's going to be vetted this time. host: did you think that online -- caller: there will be a lot of things come out that nobody wants to hear, i guess. host: do you
this summer. mitt romney's opinion ratings are negative. they are hitting an all-time high. and favorability ratings have increased in "the washington post"/abc news poll. "politico" is looking at this. they detail what is in the plan for the house, elevators leading to the garage, and other things. the supreme court's healthcare oral arguments. we of two reporters here. emily etheridge, "congressional quarterly" staff writer and jess bravin, "wall street journal" supreme court correspondent. thank you, as well. jess bravin, you have the big story today in "the wall street journal." what was your overall take away from yesterday's arguments? guest: basically, the conservative wing upper the court is very skeptical -- wing of the court is very skeptical. it will come down to the votes of probably justice anthony kennedy, who expressed concerns about both positions in the argument, and perhaps the chief justice, john roberts. host: some scrutiny and some looks at the attorneys arguing both sides of the case. tell us how the solicitor general donald verrilli did. guest: the government's chief l
by the heritage foundation and charles grassley. mitt romney said the same thing in massachusetts. i would much rather have a commission of medical experts looking at peer-reviewed research and making decisions on what practices should be paid for rather than having corporate profit-oriented insurance people who are responsive more to their shareholders then the patient making medical decision for me. there's no way i want corporations -- guest: it is truitt that 20 years ago many republicans favor the individual mandate. mitt romney adopted one at the state level in massachusetts when he was governor. the republicans have changed their position, many of them. there have been changes on the other side. in 2008, candidate obama was opposed to the individual mandate when hillary clinton proposed it. he said trying to solve the health insurance program is much like trying to solve homelessness by require people to buy a house. this is an issue where politicians have switched over time on both sides of the aisle. host: thank you so much for talking to our viewers. guest: thank you for having me. ho
. total delegates to date that have been awarded 907. mitt romney has 477, mavericks or -- santorum to 48, ron paul, 47, two uncommitted. two belong to others. back to your calls on the impact on public policy that celebrities have. dave on our democrats' line. good morning. caller: i wanted to point out that ronald reagan was one of the biggest celebrities. someone else just said that. it is nice when a celebrity takes a dime to keeping informed and involved. more power to them. either side. host: this morning to tech headlines -- -- this morning's headlines. if he were to take 39 -- host: he will have momentum -- host: back to your calls. david in san antonio, texas. you are on "washington journal." caller: i used to have an opinion that celebrities have no real place speaking before congress, but having just heard the entire testimony of george clooney and the two men who spoke with him, regarding the situation in sudan and its relationship to door for, i heard what sounded like the kind of testimony a career diplomat or career politician in foreign relations would make. he made it poi
election." former massachusetts governor mitt romney is saying that the exchange was alarming and troubling. he said the president already had agreed to give up too many u.s. nuclear-weapons in unsuccessful at purchase to appease moscow. -- in unsuccessful efforts to appease moscow. here is the story in "the financial times." "if the president wants to make more cars in south korea -- sell more american made cars to south korea, nobody has told the average south korean. if you compare it to the european cars, the design is not that great." the president traveling overseas for the nuclear summit. "the washington post" front page story -- "obama allies at odds over jobs act." "exposing a new rift in relations between lawmakers. -- with democratic lawmakers and supporters amid his efforts since the fall to mend those ties." the story, the lengthy story in "the washington post." rex, in colorado, what is on your mind? caller: i just heard a doctor complaining about how insurance companies need to be regulated. i do not see a problem with insurance companies. what i see a problem with -- i mysel
to do more war, go to iran, start another war -- why do they do that? and why don't romney's sons go over there and fight two or three times. maybe that would help. host: let me add this to the conversation. maverick says what would success look like in afghanistan? guest: that is very much what is at issue. david petraeus, before he went over to run the cia, had this phrase -- "the best we can achieve it is afghan good enough." that was a way of saying not only will this not be a jeffersonian democracy, we will leave behind something that is close to a quagmire, but perhaps it can be a stable one. there is general acknowledgement, even though you will not hear it said publicly by the president or top officials, that even in the best case we will leave behind a quagmire. the best we can hope for is the taliban do not become so strong that they take over the country again. anything other than that will be considered a success. it will not look pretty. you will probably have a long- term standoff with a nominal afghan government and the afghan forces better image still made, perhaps, w
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